About us


The company Floragarden LLC(SP) was founded in Strumica in 1996 and in the past seventeen years it has been dealing with horticulture and production of perennials, shrubs, climbing plants, deciduous, coniferous and all sorts of trees used in horticulture. The knowledge that has been accumulated throughout the busy years of practice is put to use. This knowledge is the foundation of the company Floragarden and during the past decade it enabled us to hit the “garden centre” of Macedonia.

Floragarden’s seed beds stretch at an area of 2.500 m2 in Gradsko Baldovci, where container grown conifers and young plants are produced, and of 13.000 m2 in Bosilovo, where most of the planting material is produced in a classic manner in the open field.

Floragarden not only imports starting material for plant production from Europe, but also imports adult plants from Holland and Greece.Floragarden cooperates with and sells plants to most of the companies in Macedonia that deal with landscaping and we also have a garden centre at our disposal stretched at an area of 2.500 m2.