Thuja occidentalis "Brabant"

What it is:
Compactly branched evergreen shrub with handsome pointed globe shape and light, yellowish-green foliage takes on a slight bronze tinge in the autumn and maintains remarkable colour stability during the winter months.
It reaches a height of 0,6m to 6 m.
The first years after planting, while the root is underdeveloped, need regular fertilization during the vegetative growth (spring). Рrefers moist, sandy soils and is also tolerant of acidic and alkaline soils
Requires regular watering, almost every day during the 2-3 weeks after planting and watering regularly throughout the dry season.
Тhe shortening requirements are minimal and consist of removing the dried branches and shortening the new growth for shaping
Sunny position in the garden. Иs planted as a separate specimen, and its use for hedges is common. It is used as a plant for landscaping yards, parks, hedges etc.

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