Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’

What it is:
A small tree or large shrub with rich, deep-burgundy, oval leaves and airy, pinkish flower clusters in summer that look like puffs of pink smoke. Leaves turn scarlet in fall.
It reaches a height of 5 м and 4 m in width.
Fertilizer usually not needed.Requires moist and well-drained soil.
Occasional watering during dry weather.
Рruning in early spring.Go lightly if you want a tree form and maximum flowers; whack all stems back to ankle high if you’re shooting for a multi-stem shrub with the fullest, freshest leaf color but few, if any, flowers.
Excellent specimen for a house corner or as large accent plants in border beds or mixed gardens. As a tree, it’s nice near a patio or water garden

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