Acer palmatum "Beni maiko"

What it is:
Japanese maple,'Beni Maiko' is a striking tree shrub which produces fire-red leaves in early spring. As they mature the leaves appear thin in texture and fade to pinkish-red with green undertones. During the summer the leaves become greenish-red with the main veins remaining red. In the fall the leaves turn a deep pinkish-red which spreads to the center of the leaf until the whole leaf lights up.
It reaches a height and width of 2,5 m.
Prefer acidic to neutral soil, moist but well drained, semi-fertile. For best leaf colouring it needs plenty of sun so make sure the roots are well mulched, too.
Do not requires a lot of water.
Pruning is not necessary but can be done if you wish to shape it.
For sunny gardens. It's compact bushy habit makes it suitable in both small and large garden where it also grow well in a container.

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