Irrigation Systems


Floragarden’s team install professional irrigation systems, which are the best thing for your lawn. The injection nozzles distribute the water equally throughout the lawn during the night and keep your lawn green and healthy all year long.In Floragarden can provide system and drip irrigation for individual plants in your yard or plants that are planting in alleys (flower bad). If you think about mounting  irrigation system on your existing lawn, note that this installation will not damage your existing lawn.

Besides the installation of irrigation systems, Floragarden's team provides and maintenance of irrigation systems in the event of any problems with your irrigation system. The remaining range of offers, Floragarden’s team also provide spring start, summer check and winter preparation to your irrigation system.

When spring comes, be ready with Floragarden’s team,that will save you time and nerves by starting your irrigation system, which will be safe and secure that your system works well, and the allocation of watering is balanced and accurate. With summer checks ensures that your lawn will utilize water from the system effectively  (summer checks will help you save water and money, to effectively adjust your system for summer operating conditions).